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60 Second Book Hook: Among the Hidden

4 Oct

Wow.  Want to see an example of a REALLY GREAT 60 Second Book Hook?

Check out this one from Karen, who writes about Among the Hidden by Margaret Petersen Haddix—a book that should creep you out if you are a third child in your family.



Pushback on The Lightning Thief!

1 Oct

Alright, Naughty Book Fans:  Something REALLY cool happened today!

Mr. Hodgson–a sixth grade teacher in Massachusetts–saw my recent 60 Second Book Hook on The Lightning Thief and has created his own pushback video.

Check it out:

Interesting stuff, isn’t it? 

I think the BEST point that Mr. Hodgson makes is a point that I hadn’t even considered:  Percy, in many ways, is a role model for kids with ADD.

That’s powerful, isn’t it?  I mean sometimes we think that kids with “disabilities” or “disorders” can’t be heroes.  By intentionally creating a hero with a “problem” that so many kids struggle with—and to show that weakness as a strength—DOES have real value.

I also like Mr. Hodgson’s comments about Annabeth.  Sometimes I worry that there aren’t enough strong, confident and assertive girl protagonists in stories written for kids.  Annabeth fills that role really well.

So what do YOU think?  Can you give some practical examples of things in The Lightning Thief that are worth admiring?

More importantly, are YOU ready to record your own 60 Second Book Hook on the title?

I’m still not convinced enough to change my Way 0 rating, but Mr. Hodgson has definitely nudged my thinking.

Mr. F

PS:  Did you see the other interesting lesson learned here?  When you share your thinking online, it can be challenged by others—and that’s a GOOD thing!

Mr. Hodgson has forced me to think twice, hasn’t he?  More importantly, he’s pointed out important facts that I’d overlooked.  That’s cool—and it wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t willing to open myself to others.

60 Second Book Hook: The Lightning Thief

30 Sep

So I didn’t have any time tonight to get a new student review posted or to write one myself—I was too busy reading nonfiction—but I wanted to give you something new to explore here on I’m Always Right.

The good news is I whipped up a 60 Second Book Hook on my least favorite book of all time.

Check it out here:

There’s something here I want you to notice:  The reviews on I’m Always Right don’t always have to be of books that you liked.  Remember that as long as you can articulate WHY a book isn’t all that hot, you can post a negative review too.

In a lot of ways, those types of reviews are more fun simply because they give us all something to debate!

Mr. F

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

22 Sep

How’s this for exciting stuff, I’m Always Right readers:  We’ve got our first official Video Book Hook to share with you!

These are short (30 second) clips that are designed to capture your attention and get you interested in a new title.

All of them are built around metaphors, too—which makes them super interesting to think about.

Check it out.  This one talks about a book I’ve never heard of by an author I love: Theodore Boone – Kid Lawyer by John Grisham.