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An Author in Our Midst. . .

16 Nov

Holy Smokes: Something cool happened today.

Ryan M came up to me after math with a quick story that he’d written during some free time in math class. “Would you read this, Mr. F?”

It took me a few periods to get through, but when I did, I was BLOWN AWAY. Check it out and tell Ryan what you think of his work. I know I was IMPRESSED.

Mr. F


The howling wind whistled through the trees as if sending a message. It was a cold, December night in the old village. The portal would open in just five minutes. Everyone was waiting in the town square, circling the fire they had started.

“Five minutes,” Will thought, “I can wait that long.”

The citizens had been trapped in this dimension for four years now. It had felt so long and so boring. “How many minutes NOW?” a voice from the back called.

“Just two more,” a woman in the front answered.

Will had lived with only his sister Brooke for the whole four years. He hoped that when he got back, his parents would recognize him.

“One minute!” the same woman called.

Brooke held his hand tightly. She was only five. She was an infant when the disaster had occurred.

One boy in the front started a countdown: “Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven.”

(“What if it doesn’t open?” thought Will.)

“Four. Three. Two. ONE!”

A bright yellow glow lit the dark town. A loud inhale came out of many people. “The portal’s only open for one minute! Come on!”

Everybody shuffled into the glowing circle until it shut off. Darkness. Nothing. Only three or four people had made it in. The fire had gone out.

The rest were left in the shadows wondering.


60 Second Book Hook: Stormbreaker

4 Oct

Check out Fletcher’s 60 second book hook about the exciting adventures of Alex Rider in Stormbreak, by Anthony Horowitz.

Welcome to I’m ALWAYS Right!

26 Sep

So I’ve been a teacher for a long, long time now.  And I’ve been a reader for even longer.

That makes me an expert, doesn’t it?

Sure it does.

But ever since I read Rick Riordan’s The Lightning Thief—which is unquestionably one of the WORST books ever written—my students have started to question my brilliance when it comes to picking out good books.

This blog is my attempt to reclaim my rightful position as book-chooser-extraordinaire!  Not only am I going to take strong positions on the books I’m reading, I’m going to PROVE that I’m right in detailed posts that are impossible to deny.  I’m even going to use my very own scoring system to rate the books I’m reading.

And if you’re brave enough, SMSers, you’ll push back.  I dare you to point out the flaws in my thinking.  I dare you to convince me that my positions on individual books are wrong.  I dare you to change my mind.

Bring it!

Mr. F