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The Great and Only Barnum is a MUST READ.

9 Sep

So there’s one simple truth that EVERYONE needs to understand about reading:  Nonfiction RULES.

That’s why it drives me completely nuts to see twelve-year-olds rotting their minds with Riordan books.

When there is an entire world full of interesting TRUTHS to read, why would ANYONE want to waste their time on myths—-especially cheesy myths about lightening bolts being stolen and demigods on sightseeing expeditions across the country?

Need a bit o’ proof?

What would you say if I told you about an entertainer that swallowed live frogs in front of an audience, only to throw the stunned little critters back up later to use in the next performance?

What would you say if I told you about an eleven foot elephant that jumped in front of a train in order to save his handler and then reached out with his trunk to hug a friend just before he died?

Or what would you say if I told you about an amazing museum with an aquarium on the bottom floor, a zoo on the top floor, and a collection of bearded ladies, tiny men, and fat boys in-between.

All of those stories are real—and they’re all a part of the life of PT Barnum, the showman almost singularly responsible for bringing circuses and odd museums to America during the 1800s.

Barnum is an incredibly interesting dude.  He made millions and lost millions.  He swindled people and was swindled himself.

But alongside his love of making money, he loved making people laugh.  That’s his real legacy—-and it’s the real reason that you’d be crazy NOT to read The Great and Only Barnum, one of the best biographies I’ve picked up in a long, long time.


The Great and Only Barnum’s Score: Way 80