The Roar is a Fantastic Read

20 Sep

So I’m not usually a sci-fi kind of guy, but Kush has found a title that has caught my attention here. While I’m a bit confused by his review—which starts by making animals appear to be the antagonist and then switches to talking about a bad guy named Mal Gorman—BOTH conflicts seem really interesting to me. I also like the idea of an overpopulated world that needs two stories for people to fit.

Looking forward to reading it myself!

Mr. F



The Roar is a fantastic sci-fi book, which is about the distant future and how everybody stays behind something called the Wall to be safe and sound from danger.

The Wall is basically a huge wall, and the danger that people face is from the animals. Normally animals are described as cute and cuddly in books, but in this one they are fierce and dangerous. The animals are breaking car windows so they can kill the people inside. The reason for their behavior is that they have a sickness called the plague; this sickness can only be caught by animals and makes them become crazy.

The Wall is located at the entire north of the world and stretches all the way around the world. Let’s think about this now….. EVERYONE IS CRAMED INTO 1/3 OF THE WORLD, and what makes it worse is that in the future there will be more people due to population growth.

Also since there was a shortage of land, they decided to make a 2nd floor on earth.

The main character of the book is Mika Smith, a 12 years old boy who lives in the shadows (the first floor of the world) and goes to school like a normal kid.

When he was 9 years old, his twin sister Ellie was kidnapped and presumed dead, but he believed that she was alive. Ellie was in fact trapped on a space station by a minister of the Northern Government, Mal Gorman.

Mal Gorman is a cruel man who is 182 years old and takes “ever life” pills. He is now making schools like Mika’s to participate in violent virtual games. Part of Mal Gorman’s evil plan was to make all the kids drink “fit mix”, so they could get the nutrients they needed.

One day a game called the Pod Fighter was introduced to the children and every kid who is 12-15 was playing it. When Mika played it for the first time, he was a pro at it.

Then a contest for the game came and Mika knew that he had to play because Mika had met a woman named Helen who told him that if he played the game, he will find his sister. You’ll have to read to find out if Mika ever saves Ellie.



One Response to “The Roar is a Fantastic Read”

  1. Kush C September 24, 2011 at 7:11 pm #

    As most of you know that I was the one who had posted the review for the book The Roar. Well one day I was randomly going on amazon one day and I was curious about what will come up if I switch the browser to books and type in The Roar. When I did it showed the book, but underneath it was the SEQUEL OF THE ROAR! The new book is called The Whisper and I coming out this FALL. So if you get to buy the book and finish reading how about you come join me for the count down until the sequel comes out!

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