The Mysterious Benedict Society is Worth Your Time

5 Nov

When I gave Emma A the chance to be the first girl to recommend a book for me to read during silent reading, I was pretty convinced she was going to pick a book about love or horses, and that had me petrified because there’s nothing—outside of Rick Riordan books—-that a guy like me hates more than books about love and horses.

In fact, my general rule of thumb is that if something doesn’t blow up in the first fifteen pages, a book just isn’t worth reading.

Which is why I was so surprised by Emma’s recommendation:  The Mysterious Benedict Society.

You see, nothing blew up in the first fifteen pages, but I still wanted to keep reading.

What made TMBS such an interesting read for me wasn’t explosions.  Instead, it was really interesting characters—a group of four orphans with unique skills who are found by a quirky scientist trying to prevent the world from being taken over by his evil twin brother.

Reynie Muldoon—who is the most practical member of the group—joins together with Sticky (who has a photographic memory and a wicked case of the willies), Kate the Great (a former circus performer who carries a red bucket full of gizmos and gadgets tied to her belt), and Constance (an incredibly bright—and incredibly stubborn—two year old who made me laugh time and again because she was so downright uncooperative) in a partnership that they name The Mysterious Benedict Society.

Then, they travel to a remote island to uncover clues about the plotting of a madman.

They quickly discover that he’s developed a tool called The Whisperer that is designed to take over the minds of people all over the world, and after avoiding a ton of near disasters—including a trip to a horrific underground prison for Sticky that nearly pushes him over the edge—-they work together to stymie his wicked plan.

Now, TMBS wasn’t a perfect read.  It was really long and there were times that I found myself just wanting it to end.  I think there were events that could have been left out without affecting the story in a negative way.

But overall, the quirkiness of the characters combined with the suspense of the tasks that they were trying to complete together really caught my attention—which I didn’t expect, simply because TMBS wasn’t the kind of book that ever catches my attention.


The Mysterious Benedict Society Rating:  Way 65



One Response to “The Mysterious Benedict Society is Worth Your Time”

  1. Matthew W. September 12, 2011 at 7:10 pm #

    It is not a good book. I have read some of it and I was constantly bored. Sure maybe some one who likes the author may like it but to me it was really bad. The beginning was good but the rest I did not care. Someone suggested this book and when I read the summery it sounded good. But boy was I wrong because it was a waste of money. It is deffinitly a Way 45.

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