The Lost Hero is Simply Epic. . .

5 Nov

Well, here’s another shocker, I’m Always Right readers:  I asked Blair G to write a review of another Riordan fire-starter—The Lost Hero.  I figured y’all would be interested, even if I’m not!  Here’s what she had to say about the latest from the author that everyone (it is everyone, right?)  loves to hate.

Hello, Rick Riordan fans! Blair speaking (Or typing?!?)

I just finished The Lost Hero by our buddy Rick Riordan. One word to sum this book up: SPECTACULAR!!!

This book is about Piper, Jason, and Leo, all of which are demigods. They’re from Camp Half-Blood, as you probably could guess… They’re on a quest to save the world from itself  by rescuing Olympus’s queen, Hera.

But there’s a twist: Movie star Tristan McLean, Piper’s dad, is taken hostage—a monster captured him and says if he is not rescued by the Winter Solstice, he will die—so Piper needs to help him.

He IS her DAD, after all.

But that’s when Hera needs to be saved, too. How can they save them BOTH?

The only way you will know is if you READ THE BOOK (Or is someone spills the beans…)!

The Lost Hero is a really funny book. In fact, in my opinion, this is Rick Riordan’s best book yet! It has action, suspense, romance (Eew, but if you like that, then great!), amnesiac characters, gods/goddesses, monsters, and MORE!

There’s even some “Goaty-humor,” if you know what I mean.

While learning about Piper and Leo’s past is a bit depressing, I didn’t care. The Lost Hero was still the BEST book I’ve ever read, and I’m picky, so… Maybe…Just maybe… READ THE BOOK!!!!!

My Rating for “The Lost Hero”– Way 100

(Yes, Mr. Ferriter, that IS possible for a Rick Riordan book)

=D ~


5 Responses to “The Lost Hero is Simply Epic. . .”

  1. Blair December 15, 2010 at 1:42 am #

    Hey, y’all, maybe you just want to read the book. It would be cool to get your opinions on the book to see if you agree with me.

  2. Brooke January 17, 2011 at 5:58 pm #

    I read the Lost Hero and I really liked it. Though it leaves me wondering how Annabeth will ever find their lost hero. I know that with the ending ( which I am not about to give away) she probably will, but she probably won’t be able to help with his current issue… unless Athena helps her.

    What do other people think?

  3. Brooke G. April 23, 2011 at 10:29 pm #

    I loved this book! My favorite part was when the book told about Leo obtaining the Bronze Dragon and fixing it up. I also think it’s interesting how Rick Riordan didn’t write about the kids having heroic thoughts or wishing they could do more to help– they almost seemed like NORMAL kids.

    It’s also cool how Mr. Riordan made the Percy Jackson series and the Heroes of Olympus series dovetail into each other by bringing back some of the characters. I really hadn’t even thought about someone doing that!

    The only thing that I didn’t like was that Percy was stuck at the Roman Camp with none of his memories. That just doesn’t seem fair! That leaves Annabeth heartsick, Chiron worried, and the whole Camp stressed out! I just really hope that in one of the following books Percy comes back– WITHOUT forcing Jason to go back to his original Camp too. That would be sad.

  4. Ryan M. September 27, 2011 at 8:10 pm #

    You know, I liked this Riordan book a lot more than “The Naughty Book”. It had more action at the climax, which is one of the elements his first book was lacking.

    I still don’t think this is the greatest book in the world. It was still pretty decent. It included lots of detail and rising action, alike to “The Naughty Book”, but this time there was a lot more action (which isn’t saying much).

  5. crazygamer November 2, 2011 at 1:53 pm #

    I’m reading it right now!!! The romance is absolutely disgusting, but the action rules!!! It was confusing how they had Greek and Roman gods but the book is AWESOME!!!!!

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