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The Red Pyramid, Part Deux

25 Oct

Being the wonderfully fair fellow that I am, I asked Michael C—a self-professed Red Pyramid fan—to write a real review of this Riordan tale for y’all to peruse.  Here’s what he’s crafted—the first official student review ever on I’m Always Right:


Hello everybody. Michael C here. I’m writing this because Mr. Ferriter challenged me to write a review of The Red Pyramid.

I decided to read The Red Pyramid again before I started writing and just like the other time I read it, IT WAS GREAT!!

You know why? Because the book has magic, fights, gods, demons, and much more.

Now I know some of you don’t like stories that are part realistic part fantasy (Mr. Ferriter) but that wouldn’t be a problem because it isn’t realistic past the first 15 pages or so. Also if you are concerned that the book has lots of driving it doesn’t. Or more precisely when it does the character telling the story at the time is out cold or the book just skips over the driving.

So really who WOULDN’T want to read a story with action, surprises, and a little bit of humor here and there?

In the beginning of the story two kids named Sadie and Carter get together on visiting day and their dad takes them to a museum. BORING!!! Then their dad blows up the Rosetta Stone and releases five gods into the mortal world. AWESOME!!!

After that it only gets better as they learn the truth behind their family and train with magic to defeat the looming peril that is about to be unleashed by Set (evil Egyptian god).

What really made the book great for me was watching Carter turn into a warrior as the book progressed. I mean isn’t it cool to watch the characters develop during the course of the book? At the beginning he is a scrawny nerd and by the end he is challenging gods to duels. How cool is that?

Anyway they make some of the gods friends and they fight some of the other gods (I liked the fighting better). Eventually they get to The Red Pyramid and end up sending Set back to the Duat (kind of like a magical storage bin) after they discover that they will need his help to defeat Apophis (the embodiment of chaos).

Overall one of the best books I ever read.

Red Pyramid Rating: Way70